How to Find a Real Estate Investing Mentor Who’ll Help You Succeed

leadership-913043_1280Imagine you are blindfolded. You struggle your way through a room, not really knowing where you are, where you’re going and if what you’re doing is right or wrong.

Now, in this situation what you need is someone to guide you. Someone who will give you directions and help take you where you need to be until those blindfolds are taken off and you can see.

This is what it’s like to enter the world of real estate investing as a novice. That blindfold is your inexperience and that guide is your real estate investing mentor.

So how do you find real estate experts who can be your mentor?

We’ll help you find an effective guide who will guide you so you can successfully tread the real estate investing business.

Understanding Mentoring

First things first. You need to understand what mentoring is and isn’t. This will set your expectations on what having a mentor provides and will also give you an insight on what it is that you should do during the whole mentoring process.

So what is a mentor? A mentor is defined as “an experienced and trusted person who gives another person advice and help.” When it comes to a real estate investing mentor, this can be someone who has an extensive knowledge about real estate investment and who’s had years of experience with it. This person is then willing to share his knowledge and expertise to you by offering advice and, in some cases, providing training. He is like a teacher in a class who helps expand your knowledge on a specific subject and who answers questions you might have about it.

So what is a mentor not? A real estate mentor is not someone who makes the decisions for you and who does the hard work. This is your job. You are like a student in a class. You are the one who will do your assignments, make your projects and answer your exams. Your teacher will not do this for you. In real estate investment, your assignments and projects are the preparations you need to make in setting up your real estate business and your exams are the different trials you will undergo in doing so. And you are the one who will need to do all the work needed to go through all these, not your mentor.

Choosing a Real Estate Investing Mentor

Now that you fully understand what mentoring is and isn’t the next thing to do is learn how to look for a good real estate mentor. To choose a good mentor you need to know what qualities he should have.

Extensive knowledge, years of experience and a good background – these are the three most important things that a mentor should have. You don’t want to waste your time with a mentor who may not really know what he is talking about. Also be wary of individuals or companies you’re not familiar with who are offering mentoring programs. Check them out online and get testimonials from people who they have mentored.

Another important thing you need to keep in mind is this: a mentor shouldn’t be making false promises of getting rich quick. Good mentors know that succeeding in the real estate investment industry takes a lot of hard work and there’s no universal formula you can follow to quickly become successful. So if someone makes grand promises that are too good to be true, you better think twice about asking him to be your mentor or enrolling in their training. A good real estate investor will discuss both the benefits and the risks of getting into the real estate business so you can rightfully prepare for what will happen along the way.

Directions on where to go and what to do – this is what you need and this is very important when you can’t see. In finding the right real estate investing mentor, you’ll be guided when you’re just starting with your real estate business.


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